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Episode 84 - Sovereignty, Pilots, and The Devil

Wednesday Oct 13, 2021

History doesn't move on "great men." It moves on great individuals asserting their sovereignty.

Episode 83 - Brett Leonard: A Passion For Sound

Tuesday Oct 12, 2021

Another wonderful conversation with Brett Leonard. We talk about anechoic chambers, recording, mixing, and all things audio; including tips for setting up a new audio studio. Brett Leonard is a recording engineer, audio researcher and audio educator.  Currently, Dr. Leonard serves as the director of music technology programs at the University of Indianapolis.  Dr. Brett Leonard began his musical career as a percussionist, playing any and every genre and instrument he could get his hands on.  While in college, Dr. Leonard discovered the joys of the recording studio.  Shortly after, he received his bachelor's from California Lutheran University with a focus in music technology.  While attending CLU, he also spent time at the Aspen Music Festival, studying under such luminaries as John Eargle, Stephan Peus, and Ron Streicher.  After college, he moved to New York to pursue a Master's of Music Technology at New York University's Steinhardt School. Dr. Leonard has also served as lecturer at McGill University, where he recently completed a PhD in Music in the area of Sound Recording, and served the coordinator of music technology and assistant professor of music at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.   Dr. Leonard is also an active freelance recording engineer.  He has worked on projects ranging from orchestras to progressive jazz, hip-hop to classic rock, including projects with artist such as Lenny Pickett, Matt Haimovitz, Jerry Douglas, Cecile McLorrin Salvant, and the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, and producers such as Russ Titelman, Bob Belden, Meshell Ndegeocello, and Devo Springsteen.  Dr. Leonard currently serves as the chief recording engineer for the Chelsea Music Festival in New York.  In 2007, he began BLPaudio, a company providing recording services, acoustical consulting, system design and equipment rental.  BLPaudio has since provided consulting services to numerous private studios, event spaces, performance venues, and institutions including the United National International School, the Musée de Beaux Arts Montréal, the Musical Instrument Museum and others.   As a researcher, Dr. Leonard focuses on spatial audio and the interplay between acoustics, instruments, and the recording process.  His work in spatial audio has included collaborations with Sennheiser, NHK, Swissaudec, and Skywalker Sound and has been published in more than 35 papers.  Dr. Leonard is active in the Audio Engineering Society (AES) as a member of the education committee, and as a member of the organizing committee for numerous conventions and conferences.

Episode 82 - Elias On Pianists Part 2

Monday Oct 11, 2021

Elias and I talk about a few of the great performing pianists. Part 2 we discuss modern and currently performing pianists. Here is a list of pianists we discuss and think you should listen to: Alfred Brendel (b. 1931)Vladimir Ashkenazy (b. 1937)Martha Argerich (b. 1941)Maurizio Pollini (b. 1942)Nelson Freire (b. 1944)Ursula Oppens (b. 1944)Maria João Pires (b. 1944)Radu Lupu (b. 1945)Murray Perahia (b. 1947)Mitsuko Uchida (b. 1948)*Håkon Austbø (b. 1948)Grigory Sokolov (b. 1950)Santiago Rodriguez (b. 1952)András Schiff (b. 1953)Krystian Zimerman (b. 1956)*Dang Thai Son (b. 1958)Yefim Bronfman (b. 1958)*Sara Davis Beuchner (b. 1959)*Stephen Prutsman (b. 1960)*Paul Stewart (b. 1960)*Sergei Babayan (b. 1961) Casadesus (1st), Hamamatsu (1st), Scottish (1st), Busoni (3rd), Honens (4th)Stephen Hough (b. 1961)Jean-Yves Thibaudet (b. 1961)*Frederic Chiu (b. 1964) *Pavel Nersessian (b. 1964)*Alexander Korsantia (b. 1965) Sydney (1st) Rubinstein (1st)Leif Ove Andsnes (b. 1970)*Stanislav Ioudenitch (b. 1971)Evgeny Kissin (b. 1971)Arcadi Volodos (b. 1972)Nikolai Lugansky (b. 1972)Simone Dinnerstein (b. 1972)Valentina Lisitsa (b. 1973)*Antonio Pompa-Baldi (b. 1974) Long-Thibaud (3rd), Cleveland (1st), Cliburn (2nd)Ning An (b. 1976)*Roberto Plano (b. 1978) American Prize, Cleveland (1st), Cliburn (finalist)*Andrius Žlabys (b. 1978)“There is no better time to do the best work of your life than right now”Spencer Myer (b. 1978/9)Sa Chen (b. 1979)Alexander Kobrin (b. 1980)Alexandre Moutouzkine (b. 1980)Yundi Li (b. 1982)Lang Lang (b. 1982)*Boris Giltburg (b. 1984) (Beethoven Sonatas) Santander (2nd=1st), Queen Elisabeth (1st), Rubinstein (2nd)Evgheny Bozhanov (b. 1984) Cliburn (finalist), Queen Elisabeth (2nd), Chopin (4th-refused)Ingolf Wunder (b. 1985)*Rafał Blechacz (b. 1985) Chopin (1st)*Yeol Eum Son (b. 1986) Tchaikovsky (2nd)Vadym Kholodenko (b. 1986)*Vitaly Pisarenko (b. 1987) Liszt (1st), Leeds (3rd)Adam Golka (b. 1987)Yuja Wang (b. 1987)*Sean Chen (b. 1988) American Prize, Cliburn (3rd)*Yekwon Sunwoo (b. 1989) Sendai (1st), Cliburn (1st)*Charles-Richard Hamelin (b. 1989) Seoul (3rd), Montréal (2nd), Chopin (2nd)*Haochen Zhang (b. 1990) China Piano Competition (1st) Avery Fisher Grant, Cliburn (1st)*Claire Huangci (b. 1990) ARD Munich (2nd), Geza Anda (1st)*Lukas Geniušas (b. 1990) Bachauer (1st), Scottish (2nd), Chopin (2nd), Tchaikovsky (2nd)*Daniil Trifonov (b. 1991) Chopin (3rd), Rubinstein (1st), Tchaikovsky (1st) (also composer)*Kenny Broberg (b. 1993) Cliburn (2nd), Tchaikovsky (3rd), American Prize*Beatrice Rana (b. 1993) Montréal (1st), Cliburn (2nd)*Seong-Jin Cho (b. 1994) Hamamatsu (1st), Tchaikovsky (3rd), Rubinstein (3rd), Chopin (1st), DAEWON Music Awards*Kate Liu (b. 1994) NY International (1st), Hilton Head (6th), Montréal (finalist), Chopin (3rd)*Do-Hyun Kim (b. 1994) Gilmore Fellow, Vendome (2nd), Young Concert Artist Auditions (1st)Drew Peterson (b. 1994) American Prize, Avery Fisher Grant, *Syzmon Nehring (b. 1995) Rubinstein (1st)*Eric Lu (b. 1997) Minnesota E-Comp. (1st), Chopin (4th), German Piano Award (1st), Leeds (1st)Tony Yike Yang (b. 1998) Chopin (5th-age of 16!)*Alexander Malofeev (b. 2001) China (1st), winner of youth competitions…career exploded (a la Kissin)

Episode 81 - Elias On Pianists Part 1

Friday Oct 08, 2021

Elias and I talk about a few of the great performing pianists. Part 1 we start with a bit of background and conversation.  

Episode 80 - The Bank Is Not Your Friend

Thursday Oct 07, 2021

A personal story about how banks are being used to manage and control us.

Episode 79 - Ultraviolet Communication

Tuesday Oct 05, 2021

Loved having Matt, Lee, and Josiah in studio talking about their band, Ultraviolet Communication. I'll let their music speak for itself but they are great guys who have a clear vision for their super trippy psychedelic rock. We talk about making music in a modern world and how their band came together. These are great guys and tremendous artists. Look for their new album coming  in Dec. Instagram: uvcband YouTube:  

Episode 78 - Mark Ainley: Feng Shui, A Sense Of Space

Wednesday Sep 29, 2021

Another wonderful conversation with Mark Ainley. He provides the perfect primer into Feng Shui. It's more than a design philosophy or superstition - it's a beautiful way of thinking about our environment and how it effects our lives. Check out Sense Of Space: Instagram: sense_of_space Facebook:   Mark Ainley has worked as a Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant since 2001. Focusing on both the practical and aesthetic qualities of living and work spaces, Ainley applies both the philosophical and pragmatic tenets of this historical form of environmental alignment to help create spaces that support those who live and work there.    Since 2003, Mark has taught extensively in Japan, where he has trained dozens of consultants and released two DVD sets. He has been profiled in Hong Kong's exclusive Elite Homes magazine and in other publications worldwide, and continues to consult with both professional and residential clients around the globe.    He has additionally been certified as a WELL Accredited Professional through the International WELL Building Institute's standard of science-based building construction and management protocols.Ainley is also internationally recognized as one of the foremost experts on the history of piano recordings, working as a lecturer, writer, and researcher in the field of historical recordings and performance practice.   

Episode 77 - Darryl Johnson: IYC Coaching Healthy, Happy, Harder To Kill

Tuesday Sep 14, 2021

Website: YouTube: Mailing List Facebook: Instagram:   Coach Johnson has been involved in martial arts training for over 30 years. His journey began with the art of Taekwondo, eventually earning a 4th Degree Black Belt. Shortly after beginning his training, he desired a more realistic avenue of training and began competing in full contact Kickboxing. His fascination of realistic training continued after seeing Mixed Martial Arts competitions and hungered to further his education. He began Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 1995 and began to share them with his students. Still committed to learning even more forms of realistic training, he was certified to teach Krav Maga in 2001 and has been a huge proponent of the Israeli System ever since. In 2021, Coach Johnson received an additional black belt with instructor certification under Itay Gil with Protect Krav Maga. He earned his first certification as a personal trainer in 1995 and began creating fitness programs using Kickboxing in 1997. In 2004, he went on to be a certified instructor in Muay Thai style Kickboxing under Kru Mark in San Diego. He began coaching MMA competitors in 2007 and relishes his role as a coach and instructor even more than as a participant.

Episode 76 - Frederic Chiu: Piano and Multi-Layered Thinking

Tuesday Sep 07, 2021

Story-telling, philosophy, computer science, music... it doesn't get any better than this!! Today Elias and I chat with world-renowned pianist Frederic Chiu. With a vibrant concert schedule, a legacy of 30 CDs, and a stream of superlatives from major critics around the globe, pianist Frederic Chiu occupies a special place in the world of classical music. In an eclectic career encompassing unusual collaborations and little-played repertoire, along with explorations into the psychology of performance, Mr. Chiu has demonstrated an ability to go beyond boundaries and to bring listeners with him. 

Episode 75 - Kris Rodgers and The Dirty Gems

Friday Aug 27, 2021

I had a great time talking to Kris Rodgers, singer, songwriter, pianist, and front man for Kris Rodgers and the Dirty Gems. A super cool guy with great stories, Kris is an incredible musician. A pro's pro. His voice is soulful and powerful and he plays a mean piano. If you love the great era of songwriters, or amazing fun, feel good music, you will dig Kris Rodgers And The Dirty Gems! Check out his latest album Still Dirty, released by Wicked Cool Records - it brings the ROCK back in Rock and Roll!  

Episode 74 - The Piano Pod

Wednesday Aug 25, 2021

Elias and I had a wonderful discussion with the hosts of The Piano Pod Podcast. Eric Hunter, Clara Zhang, and Yukimi Song - based out of New York - started a wonderful podcast about teaching and performing piano today. Very modern. I hope you check out their show!

Episode 73 - Jordan Peterson, God and Christianity with Matthew R. Petrusek

Thursday Aug 05, 2021

Jordan Peterson could easily be called "The Most Interesting Man In The World." He is the sceptic's Sunday School Teacher, reinvigorating the need for religion in the minds of millions who thought even the idea of God is passé.  He has been the pastor to many encouraging them to "clean their room" because, like Moses' serpent, that simple act will change their lives. Billy Graham would smile at his impact. Yet Peterson has not publicly declared himself a Christian or even a believer in God. He is quite an enigma.  Today we talk to Matthew R. Petrusek, co-author with Christopher Kaczor of Jordan Peterson, God, and Christianity. We explore Peterson's philosophy, why he is effective, and some of the gaps that Christianity can provide. MATTHEW R. PETRUSEK is Associate Professor of Theological Ethics at Loyola Marymount University and also currently serves as a Fellow of the Word on Fire Institute. In addition to numerous scholarly and popular articles, he is co-editor of the book Value and Vulnerability: An Interfaith Dialogue on Human Dignity. He lectures widely on theological, philosophical, and ethical issues in English and Spanish, and has served as an on-air analyst for Noticias MundoFox and CNN en Español.

Episode 72 - Back On The Stage with Thomas Rosenkranz

Tuesday Aug 03, 2021

As concert halls begin to open again we have the opportunity to chat with a great friend of the program, Thomas Rosenkranz. We talk about performing again as well as a myriad of other subjects. Most of them musical. Joined again by Elias-Axel Pettersson.     

Episode 71 - Thomas Posen and Modern Beethoven Thought

Wednesday Jul 28, 2021

Co-hosted with Elias-Axel Pettersson, Thomas Posen is at the forefront of new and exciting scholarship discussing Beethoven. He is wonderful because he can make technical ideas understandable. I think understanding these concepts will help everyone appreciate the giant composer.

Episode 70 - Small Town Sports with Brian Hudson

Monday Jul 26, 2021

This is not just a trip down memory lane. Brian and I discuss the role of small town high school sports in communities, how sports shape the lives of young people, and we pay tribute to a coaching legend - Terry Logue. 

Episode 69 - Recognizing Great Piano Performances with Mark Ainley

Thursday Jul 22, 2021

How does one recognize a great piano performance? Do you need special training or musical knowledge? Today we speak to Mark Ainley of The Piano Files to try and answer some of those questions. Mark Ainley is an internationally recognized authority on the art of piano playing and historical recordings of great pianists. His clear insights provide important details about the mastery of the pianists of the past and present through his magazine articles, blog and social media pages, CD productions and liner notes, and lecture-demonstrations. Mark’s work in the field of historical recordings began in his late teens, when his pre-university writing and research on this topic won the admiration of Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times music critic Harold Schonberg. His first CD liner notes, for VAI’s release ‘Liszt: The 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies Played by 19 Great Pianists’, were co-authored in his early 20s with International Piano Archives founding president Gregor Benko, coinciding with Mark’s pioneering work in discovering previously unpublished recordings of the legendary pianist Dinu Lipatti. His internationally acclaimed efforts led to the world premiere award-winning release of over two hours of ‘unknown’ performances by Lipatti, among them piano concertos by Liszt and Bartok.

Episode 68 - Jeffrey Tucker: The Choice of Freedom, Dignity and Opportunity vs Degradation and Suffering

Monday Jul 19, 2021

I am incredibly grateful for the work Jeffrey A. Tucker has done recently. While many in the liberty movement either justified or worse, ignored the unauthorized mandates, lockdowns, and closures by government officials, he has been steadfast in his liberal principles while humble in seeking the best information about Corona.  Links: Jeffrey Tucker website: Pandemics: Our Fears and the Facts by Sunetra Gupta:     Jeffrey A. Tucker is an independent editorial consultant who served as Editorial Director for the American Institute for Economic Research. He is the author of many thousands of articles in the scholarly and popular press and eight books in 5 languages, most recently Liberty or Lockdown. He is also the editor of The Best of Mises. He speaks widely on topics of economics, technology, social philosophy, and culture.

Episode 67 - Scratching the Surface: Biblical Archaeology with Dr. Cynthia Shafer-Elliott

Friday Jul 09, 2021

Talking to Dr. Shafer-Elliott about ancient history and archaeology in Israel is a revelation! I learned so much about how archaeologists work, the relationship between the stories we read and the findings in the dirt. We even blow up some common misunderstandings about ancient Israel. Enjoy! Cynthia Shafer-Elliott (Ph.D., The University of Sheffield, England) is an Associate Dean of the School of Theology and Leadership and Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible & Archaeology at Jessup University in Rocklin, California. Dr. Shafer-Elliott specializes in the historical, cultural, and social contexts of ancient Israel and Judah, particularly within domestic contexts. Her major publications include: Food in Ancient Judah: Domestic Cooking in the Time of the Hebrew Bible (2013) and editor of The 5 Minute Archaeologist in the Southern Levant (2016), along with numerous chapters, encyclopedia and dictionary articles, articles, essays, and papers presented on food, households, religion, and gender. She is currently co-editing the T & T Clark Handbook of Food in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel (forthcoming in September 2021). Dr. Shafer-Elliott is an experienced field archaeologist and is part of the archaeological excavations at Tell Halif and Tell Abel Beth Maacah in Israel. 

Episode 66 - Mike Maharrey: The National Bank vs. The Constitution

Wednesday Jul 07, 2021

A great conversation with Mike Maharrey, National Communications Director of the Tenth Amendment Center and author of The National Bank vs. The Constitution. We discuss why central governments want a central bank and how it affects the people it governs.   Michael Maharrey serves as the national communications director for the Tenth Amendment Center and the managing editor of the SchiffGold website. Michael is the author of four books. Constitution: Owner’s Manual examines various constitutional clauses and principles through the lens of the ratifying conventions. Our Last Hope: Rediscovering the Lost Path to Liberty makes the historical, philosophical and moral case for nullification. Smashing Myths– Understanding Madison’s Notes on Nullification, digs deep into James Madison’s views on nullification, focusing on his writing’s later in life. Finally, Michael joined Tenth Amendment Center executive director Michael Boldin in penning Nullification Objections: Dismantling the Opposition, a book that takes apart the common objections to nullification one at a time. He’s also penned several e-books, including The Power of No: The Historical and Constitutional Basis for State Nullification to Limit Federal Power and Its Practical Application, The Constitution and the Report of 1800, and The Jefferson Letters, Vol. 1: Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. Michael hosts his own podcast, Thoughts from Maharrey Head, as well as the Friday Gold Wrap podcast. Michael earned a degree in Mass Communications and Media Studies from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. As a non-traditional student, he won several academic awards and was a member of the school’s ethics bowl team that placed eighth in the nation. Mike played for the USF ice hockey team at the ripe old age of 40, earning American Collegiate Hockey Association Academic All-American honors.  He also holds a B.S. degree in Accounting from the University of Kentucky. Along with his formal schooling, he’s had the opportunity to associate with and study under some of the top academics in constitutional history and America’s founding principles. Michael speaks at events across the United States, and frequently appears as a guest on local, national and international radio shows advancing constitutional fidelity and liberty through decentralization. As a working journalist, Michael has written and reported for several newspapers, including the St. Petersburg Times, The Woodford Sun, and the Kentucky Gazette, covering local and state politics, and sports. Michael won a pair of 2009 Kentucky Press Association awards while serving as the sports editor for the Woodford Sun in 2009. He also worked for WLEX, NBC’s Lexington, Kentucky, affiliate writing web content for the station’s award-winning news website. Michael lives in sunny Yulee, Florida, with his beautiful wife Cynthia, and has two daughters and a son. Although a native Kentuckian, he spent much of his adult life in Florida and considers the Sunshine state his adopted home. In his spare time, he still plays ice hockey and is equally passionate about defending the Constitution and his crease.

Episode 65 - Rise! Rise! Lowland and Highland men: The Jacobites with Prof. Murray Pittock

Friday Jul 02, 2021

I have been haunted by the story of the Scottish Jacobites. Even 300 years later their history feels unresolved. Today I spoke with one of the leading experts on Jacobite history, Prof. Murray Pittock to learn how the uprisings came about and how they turned the course of global history. Prof. Pittock's Book:  Culloden (Great Battles)   Murray Pittock (MA D.Litt. Glasgow; D.Phil Oxford)is Bradley Professor and Pro Vice-Principal. He has worked at the universities of Manchester (where he was the first professor of Scottish literature at an English university), Edinburgh, Oxford, Aberdeen and Strathclyde, and has held visiting appointments at the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies (2002), New York University (Visiting Professor of English, 2015); Charles University, Prague (Ministry of Education Visiting Professor in Languages, 2010), Trinity College, Dublin (Visiting Professor in English and History, 2008), Auburn (History and Equality and Diversity, 2006), Notre Dame (NEH seminar visiting scholar in Irish Studies, 2014), USC (Roy Lecturer in Scottish Studies, 2015) and Yale (Senior Warnock Fellow, 1998 and 2000-1). Murray is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the English Association, the Royal Historical Society, the Royal Society of Arts and the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland among other bodies, and an honorary Fellow of the Association for Scottish Literary Studies. Murray's books are set on courses in English, History, Irish Studies, theology and politics in around twenty-five countries, and he has been awarded or shortlisted/nominated for a number of literary and historical prizes and prize lectureships. He is one of the few UK academics to be a prize lecturer of both the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the British Academy, and has acted as an external assessor for chairs and grants from the Ivy League to the Middle East. Murray is Scottish History Adviser to the National Trust for Scotland, has acted as adviser to the National Galleries and has held grants in English, History, Museology, Tourism and the creative economy. In 2014, he became the founding convenor of the International Association for the Study of Scottish Literatures, and remains chair of its Trustees. The 2020 Congress is in Prague: His most recent books include Enlightenment in a Smart City: Edinburgh’s Civic Development 1660-1750 (supported by AHRC and Royal Society of Edinburgh, 2018); The Scots Musical Museum (supported by AHRC, 2 vols, 2018); Culloden (History Today top 10 titles of the year, House of Commons reading list and Herald book choice, 2016, reprinted 2017); The Reception of Robert Burns in Europe (supported by AHRC, 2014); The Road to Independence? Scotland in the Balance (2014, 1st edition nominated for Orwell Prize, Daily Telegraph referendum reading choice); Material Culture and Sedition (Saltire Research Book of the Year shortlist, 2014); Scottish and Irish Romanticism (supported by AHRC, paperback, 2011); The Edinburgh Companion to Scottish Romanticism (2011); Robert Burns and Global Culture (supported by AHRC, 2011). Murray has won almost 20 grants to work on cultural and public memory, Jacobitism and the redefining of national Romanticisms. Currently he is PI of the £1M AHRC Ramsay Project (, the EPSRC-AHRC Immersive Experiences Scottish Heritage Partnership ( and the Scottish Government (Economic Development) contract on Robert Burns and the Scottish Economy.  Murray’s former research students are in posts in the UK, US and SE Asia at levels ranging from research assistant to senior management. Two recent PhDs (Michael Shaw, 2014; Craig Lamont, 2015) won the Roy Medal for the best Scottish Studies thesis of the year in successive years. Murray has appeared in the UK and overseas media in over 50 countries on some 1500 occasions to comment on history, literature and current affairs, including scripting and presenting radio series ( The Roots of Scottish Nationalism -Radio 4, 6.25M aggregate audience, 81% UK wide approval rating) and has co-curated a number of exhibitions. He regularly acts as a consultant to national institutions. Murray supervises PhDs in the areas of Burns, Cultural History, Irish Studies, Jacobitism, Romanticism, Scott, Scottish Studies and other fields.

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